C H A U N C E Y   G A R D E N S

Art, Expression, Nature and Freedom

        Located in Northern Ontario near the banks of Lake Huron you will find an historic Bed and Breakfast that offers natural beauty, a simple healthy life and an appreciation for creativity and self expression.

We invite you to experience Chauncey Gardens, a beautiful retreat in the North Woods.  This historic property was built in 1903 near the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada just 45 minutes over the U.S. border.

Thessalon is an old logging town where life is a bit slower, a bit simpler. 

With a population of around 1400 it’s just like small town America, circa 1950. 

No strip malls to be found. 

You will find a hardware store, a bait shop, a grocer, a filling station attached to a general store, a few restaurants and a local tavern.  Oh, and of course, a hockey rink. 

Chauncey Gardens offers cozy living quarters with many conveniences--full kitchen, bath and laundry facilities.  There is a traditional dining room with seating for the entire family that adjoins a living room with mantle and fireplace.  Gardens surround the property which give real meaning to the old phrase “stop and smell the roses”.

You can enjoy the setting sun while you relax on the front porch sipping a glass of wine.  Or enjoy the activity of the in-ground pool and sun porch out back.  Perhaps you choose to sunbathe poolside or enjoy some privacy with a moonlit dip after dark. 

You will find the experience hard to beat my friend.

De-compress.  Rejuvenate.  Fish.  Throw horseshoes.  Golf.  Write.  Paint.  Get to know someone intimately--even if it’s yourself.  We encourage you to step away from the complex concrete world you live in and get in touch with the planet we inhabit. 

You will find something simple, beautiful and serene.

Forever yours,

Rino and Jill


Chauncey Gardens is health conscious and environmentally friendly. 

Cleaning products used are organic.


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