C H A U N C E Y   G A R D E N S



At Chauncey Gardens-Art , Film and Photography are the emphasis of retreats and camps designed to bring out the creativity that lives within us all.  Chauncey Gardens B & B is the home to some of the most innovative gatherings in the arts.  

Renowned Film and Photography professionals Jill Dunbar and Rino Liberatore bring great vision to help others get in touch with mankinds greatest inspiration-the untouched beauty of wilderness, landscape and all living things.

They offer the simple life, untouched paths and solice from "The Grid".  

Writers collect, musicians gather, films are shot, paint hits the canvas and creativity runs wild.  

    F                  I                  L                  M

P    H    O    T    O    G    R    A    P    H    Y

For more information or to book your spot in youth or adult get-away contact us at 312 504-9594 or e-mail us at jilldunbar@me.com.

art  is  not  a  thing.  it  is  a  way.


                Painting, drawing, hiking, reading,creating, writing, music, exploring.